We ran into ErgoStrap at the ProMat show in Chicago and immediately recognized that we discovered gold. We had been looking into automatic strapping machines and even got a few of them in on demo trials, but they all were lacking in some area – reliability, effectiveness, and limitations like power cords and short bayonets. After watching the ErgoStrap on display, we knew this was going to be the one.<br /> Shortly after the show, we contacted ErgoStrap to get a demo going so we could see it in action in our operation. We use three different size pallets – 48”x40”, 62”x40” and 100”x40” and were shocked to see that the ErgoStrap could handle all of them with ease. The unit was easy to handle, it was very intuitive, and extremely effective.<br /> Before the ErgoStrap, we were using long sticks to feed the strapping under the pallets and then using manual tensioners and seals to complete the strapping. It was taking us almost five minutes per pallet to strap, and processing over 250 pallets per day, this amounted to three full-time associates in the operation. The ErgoStrap allowed us to strap each pallet in under two minutes, which resulted in a 60% reduction in time!<br /> This reduction in time allowed us to continue to grow our business without the need to add to staffing. Since implementing our first ErgoStrap machine, we have been able to sustain 48% year over year growth without adding to staff in our outbound shipment processing areas. We have since added two additional ErgoStrap units across our distribution center network and will continue to implement these units as our business grows. ErgoStrap has been a key element in our success and has provided our associates with a safe, effective tool that allows them to perform their jobs with ease. Not only have we been impressed with the ErgoStrap units, but the service we have received from them since our initial purchase has been world-class!
Seth W. Hayes