We develop, manufacture and distribute mobile ergonomic pallet strapping systems of the highest quality which are unique worldwide.


The foundation for the success of our company is directly reflected by the actions of each and every employee. Responsible conduct, team work and the mutual determination for performance are the basis for innovative technological solutions and exceptional quality, which will secure our lead in the market and therefore the future of our company.
Regardful contact among each other is supplemented by constructive and factual problem-solving. In this environment a strong and highly professional team conscientiously and reliably masters every new challenge. Our employees identify with their company, are committed to their work and are responsible with their duties. Thus they are able to achieve outstanding and exemplary work performance. We attach special importance to the qualification and training of our employees and strive to further their respective capabilities while at the same time providing a fair assessment and compensation for their work and performance.


Customer interest is the basis for our actions. The quality of our own performance is solely measured by the satisfaction of our customers. We aim to provide our customers exclusively with high quality products and services which offer a high level of functionality, efficiency and user-friendliness. In the interest of our customers we therefore attach a high priority to mutual cooperation with selected partners all over the globe.

Technological Expertise

For over 20 years we built our experience in developing and manufacturing innovative patented pallet strapping systems, which have revolutionised mobile pallet strapping in all sectors of industry. We employ a balanced selection of proven and tested materials as well as state-of-the-art technology in order to develop and manufacture innovative and reliable quality products.
In order to further secure and expand our lead, large parts of our investments are being employed in research and development. Furthermore we constantly strive to enhance and refine our current line of products, as well as all our technical and organisational processes. Apart from increasing our own competitiveness, the goal of this constant improvement process is to provide the maximum amount of product and service quality and thus to insure sustained success with our customers.


Cooperative and loyal conduct towards all our partners – be it employees, customers, contractors, financial institutions or government agencies - is of paramount importance. Any and all arrangements, commitments or other statements are being honoured. We understand ourselves to be fair and reliable business partners with highly professional standards and specifically attach great value to sustainable, long-term business relationships. In turn we pay special attention that the professional standards of our selected business partners coincide with ours.


With all our business activities, environmental protection and the responsible handling of natural resources is of the utmost concern to us. We exclusively manufacture and distribute products whose production chain is completely environmental friendly according to the current state of knowledge. Our products always incorporate the latest technical developments, and are in compliance with applicable laws and accepted industrial and governmental standards in order to insure safe and health safe work.