ErgoPack Philosophy

ErgoPack's core competence since our founding in 1999 has been technological innovation in the field of mobile pallet strapping. Our goal is to improve safety and ergonomics in manual pallet strapping worldwide through unique, high-quality systems. This not only promotes the health and motivation of employees but also increases the efficiency of our customers' logistical processes. We set industry standards with innovative products featuring outstanding functionality and patented features.

The idea

Pallet strapping
without bending down

„Nothing is more important to people than health. Health is existential for all of us. Nowadays, back pain is a major problem. Almost 50% of all employees suffer from back and neck pain. Working in a stooped position puts a strain on employees. Especially the manual strapping of pallets.

Are you interested in an ergonomic way of strapping?

That's what we do! Ergonomic, simple, efficient - ErgoPack!

Protect your employees and increase the efficiency of your company with ErgoPack systems!"


Satisfied customers
make us the happiest

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. We therefore measure the quality of our service exclusively by the satisfaction of our customers.

Machines sold
Satisfied users

ErgoPack worldwide

As the world's leading manufacturer of ergonomic, mobile pallet strapping systems, we have sites in more than 30 countries.

Taking responsibility

For employees, society and the environment

At ErgoPack, we are convinced that responsibility is not just a word. It is much more an attitude that characterises our actions in all areas of our company. We promote the well-being of our employees and feel responsible for their safety. Our corporate culture is based on respect, openness and equal opportunities.

We see ourselves as part of the community and make a significant positive contribution with our products. These ensure the health of thousands of people around the world.

We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. With the development of ErgoPack RE, we are focussing on a sustainable future in load unit security - zero waste is more than just an advertising slogan, it is our driving force in future product developments.

ErgoPack Events

ErgoPack live Experience?

Of course we are travelling to trade fairs with our ErgoPack - always on behalf of ergonomics. Certainly also in your region. Feel free to drop by.

Shaping the future

ErgoPack RE

REthink, REduce, REstrap! The revolutionary ErgoPack RE cements our claim to a more sustainable future in pallet strapping. ErgoPack RE uses reusable Velcro and lashing straps and completely dispenses with plastic straps and stretch film.