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The ErgoPack Group

1 Manufacturer
100 Employees
5 Office dogs
47 Partners
60 Countries

Our team is made up of a wide range of experienced and versatile people. We are dedicated to ergonomics and prioritise perfection from development to the final ErgoPack. The highest quality is our promise, so that our customers always receive products that not only fulfil their expectations, but exceed them.


A team -

just like friends

As a child, I wanted to be a lorry driver.

Marco König
Head of IT

Because you're a great guy, that's why!

Andreas Brennessel
Foreman workshop

I simply enjoy it!

Roland Huber
Mounting storage plates

I would like to have the superpower to be able to beam myself anywhere.

Lisa Baur
Back office service

I draw my strength from my family and friends.

Paul Graf
Team leader warehouse

I like to get up earlier to start my holiday.

Denise Wagner

I like the honest communication and appreciation here best.

Danijel Radivojac
Area Sales Manager

...and unfortunately I filled it up with the wrong petrol.

Sonja Schmidbaur
Service sealing devices
Free of charge & without obligation

On site demonstration